Effects of visual imagery on false memories in DRM and misinformation paradigms


This study examined the possibility that moderators of false memories in the Deese-RoedigerMcDermott (DRM) paradigm affect the occurrence of false memories in the misinformation paradigm. More precisely, the purpose was to determine to what extent an imaging instruction modulates false memories in the DRM and misinformation paradigms. A sample of young adults was assigned to the DRM or the misinformation tasks, either in control conditions or in conditions including an imaging instruction. Findings revealed that an imaging instruction decreases false memories in DRM whereas there is no evidence about imaging effects in the misinformation task. These observations tally with previous studies, reporting a weak or no correlation between false memories in these paradigms, and are discussed in the light of current theories.

Memory, 1–8. 10.1080/09658211.2021.1895221
Brice Beffara
Brice Beffara
Lecturer-researcher in psychology and methods

My research interests include social psychology, biological psychology, and methods.